To give continuity to the initial project to combine  love for own land with the focus on the best products and  professionalism, focal point is the              "production process".

To give continuity to the initial project to combine the love for their land with the benefit of being in the middle of the plains in Apulia, our Earth has always been a reference point in the Italian agricultural production, allows to implement a short chain respectful of environment, ensuring the quality and freshness of the ingredients. By partnering with local farms and the continuous research of selected products, all vegetables are harvested by hand using traditional methods in their natural ripening period. The pride of our supply chain, are the famous olives "Bella di Cerignola" artichokes "Violet" and  tomatoes cultivated in the family farm: 50 hectares planted with love, attention and care. The best way to ensure the product manufactured from following him growing on the plant until harvest. The high quality and authenticity are guaranteed by the manufacture of the product in the day just got fresh from the fields. This allows you to keep intact the flavor, texture and nutrients that are rich preserves that we are pleased to propose, namely those foods and nutrients at the base of the "Mediterranean diet" which has become well protected by UNESCO as intangible heritage of humanity, recognition occurred in 2010. The use of technologically advanced production facilities in accordance with the traditional recipes of Apulia, stringent quality checks performed by qualified personnel in all phases of the production process, make "Le Bontà del Casale" a brand now recognized and appreciated throughout the world.